Day 8 of 14: Canadian Rockies: Jasper

Today's Itinerary: Stay around Jasper today and hope for some breaks in the rain.

This was perhaps the rainiest day of the trip.  First are a couple of rainy-day shots around this active town.

We drove from our hotel down to the Bear Paw Bakery in the center of town for breakfast.  It is highly recommended.  Tripadvisor has it rated with 4.5 stars!

A bit of grocery shopping.  I love the Canadian cereal boxes with both English and French.

What do you think of this Mercedes RV/motor home?  It looks like it's ready for a safari!

Lunch in the car at Pyramid Lake (too much rain to move to a picnic table.)

Wildlife on the drive to Maligne Canyon where there were some nice waterfalls.  These are Elk, below. (Again, as seen in the rain.)

Back in town, I took a few residential pictures.  Notice the fenses.  Nearly every house had a fense of some kind to disuade wildlife from coming into their yard to eat the grass and garden plants. 

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