Canadian Rockies Day 2 of 14: Part 2

Today's Itinerary: Spokane, WA to Boner's Ferry, Idaho

Note: Hang in there, all you mountain lovers....
We will be into the Rocky Mountains (via Kootenay National Park, Alberta) on Day #4.
One of the high points for the day was an unplanned trip to the “floating village” at Bitter End Marina in Bayview, Idaho, along the shore of 42 mile long Lake Pend Oreille. We met the owner of the ornate house prominent in the first photo.  By his invitation we were allowed onto the gated "Main Street” pier to get a closer look.

He told us not to steal any lawn furniture! I think he was being funny, as he had only a single old beaten up plastic lawn chair in front of his house. Maybe all his good stuff had been stolen. When Laurie complimented him on his beautiful floating home, he quipped, “I call this my giant cry for help!”

Bayview is also the home of the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center's Acoustic Research Detachment.  The lake is useful for deep water acoustic testing due to its 1,200 foot depth.


Our overnight accommodations were at the Bonner's Ferry Best Western.  Also a 24 hour casino, we were nevertheless impressed with the newly renovated rooms that all had balconies facing the Kootenay River.  We actually had a very quiet and restful night.  You would never have known we were in a Casino.

I love these "southwestern" salads

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