16 Best Butterflies from yesterday

[Update: Actually, I've done some editing and there are only 12.]

Using a flash on my new Olympus E-M5, I went to our local butterfly house yesterday morning for an hour of shooting. I had a pretty heavy set-up on this little camera, as I used my Olympus 70-300 zoom and the 36R auxiliary flash.  [The E-M5 is designed as a small ILC - interchangeable lens camera.]

I can't wait for the extra grip accessory to arrive.  It's on back order.  Having used an accessory grip (often called a battery grip because it allows you to use two batteries) on my Olympus E-620 I am very confident that the optional grip for the E-M5 will greatly increase the handling comfort of this little gem of a camera. 

All of the butterfly images are with this simple flash set up.  I was quite pleased with the results.  I am actually thinking  I may be catching onto the whole flash thing, at least at a basic one-flash-on-board-the-camera level.  My goal is to have the flash light up the subject without having that "deer in the headlights" look you often get when using a flash. 

The next time I try this, I will bring along with me one of the many commercial diffusers which should soften the light from the flash and hopefully help it blend in more with the ambient light.  I've actually purchased a couple of cheap options, but forgot to put them in my bag for this outing.

The 12 photos are on my Web site, here:


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