Olympus E-M5: Post #7: Dynamic Range Part 2

For this post, I have taken yesterday's two images (see prior post) which were processed from RAW files at default settings in Lightroom 4 and today I "opened" the shadows using the Shadows Slider in Lightroom.  I moved the sliders all the way to the right, to 100%. In this way I "engineered" more dynamic range.

The first two images are the "before" and "after" shots from the Panasonic GH2 and the second two images are the "before" and "after" from the Olympus E-M5.

Panasonic GH2 before and after shadow slider adjustment

Olympus E-M5 before and after shadow slider adjustment

My Conclusion

Clearly there is a difference between the before and after shots. But when it comes to comparing the two "before" shots to each other, and the two "after" shots to each other, I don't see any meaningful differences. I would have to conclude, at least for this scene, that the dynamic range of the two sensors is the same. That is, both captured details in the highlights and the shadows equally.

Off topic:  I do feel that panasonic images have a bit more magenta in them, as seen in the black macadam driveway.

Larger files of the four images can be found here:

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