Olympus E-M5: Post #3 - More about menus

I spent much of the morning reading the just published comprehensive review of the E-M5 on www.dpreview.com.  They gave it a gold award with a score of 80 (of 100).  This is a marvelous score for a micro four-thirds camera.  I think the top score I've ever seen for any camera is 89.

In my last post I observed that the menu system was a bit frustrating even though I had owned two Olympus dSLRs previously. The staff at dpreview also found the menu to be rather "daunting".   Though the customization options are huge (a plus), settings can be complicated (a minus).  As mentioned in the dpreview summary, "some of the most useful features are hidden behind combinations of settings that are sometimes obscurely-named."

Dpreview counted 16 tabs within the custom menu and inside of these they found 85 settings, and some of those 85 settings required additional clicks to get into sub-topics.  Wow, is that ever customizable and complex!

Dpreview has helped the user with two pages of menu charts (pages 9 and 10 of their review).  The charts start here.

I wish they'd make available a concise two page downloadable pdf of these charts.

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