Olympus E-M5: Post #10: Adding the grip accessory

I had pre-orderd the HLD-6 grip just a few weeks after I pre-ordered the E-M5, both in February.  The grip arrived earlier this week and is a great addition to this otherwise (too?) small interchangeable lens camera.

I was a bit worried when I pulled out of the box a thicker-than-expected set of directions.  But my worry was ill-placed, as the directions were in about 100 languages (and I only needed one!)  Actually, all I really needed to install the grip was the picture diagram shown in the set of images below.

The grip in ingenious.  It comes in two pieces.  The first piece can be used independently from the second piece.  It is a horizontal grip that provides a much more secure grip for the right hand when holding the camera in the landscape orientation.  Interestingly it provides an additional shutter and front control dial.  These are duplicates; they do not add any features, but merely give another location for dials of similar function on the main camera.  Unfortunately, it does make it a bit more awkward to reach the two function buttons (Fn2 and Rec buttons) on the top plate.

The second piece is the vertical grip. It must be attached to the horizontal grip. I am very much looking forward to using this accessory. I take a lot of vertical landscape images and have always noticed that when I hold a camera in the vertical orientation that my hold is less secure and a bit wobbly.  Since I rarely use a tripod, I depend on a strong, stable, steady grip.

Two batteries are accommodated, though none are supplied with the grip and at this time authentic replacement batteries are not yet available.  One battery remains in the main camera battery, so if you remove one or both grips, you are "good to go".  The second battery resides in the vertical grip.

Below are a dozen images taken while assembling the grip, in sequence.  The old Nikon lens is attached with a Nikon-to-m43 adapter (about $20 from eBay) and a 105mm macro lens.

At this point in the process, just the horizontal grip
has been added.  Note the double shutter button
and double front wheel.  You can use either.

The vertical grip is then added to the horizontal grip.  Just screw them together
tight enough so the electrical contacts are made.


My intial impression is that the vertical grip should be a bit deeper.
It's actually shallower than the horizontal grip.

One battery can be housed in the handle, and one
in the main body.  Currently I have only one
battery... and it is in the handle for eacy access.

Old Nikon 105mm micro

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