Flowers from our yard. Ambient light plus fill flash

Looking for some shutter therapy (as Robin Wong would say) this past weekend, I spent a few minutes each morning and evening around our yard taking flower pictures wherever I could.  These are all hand held and exposures were aided with a flash.  Using a flash for close up photography is new to me.  Actually, using a flash at all is a pretty new concept for me.

I basically used aperture priority and ISO adjustments sufficiently high to match the ambient light, while at the same time maintaining a shutter speed of 1/250th second.  The flash was set at Auto TTL.  If any part of the flower was then overexposed because of the flash, I would have given some negative compensation to the flash.  But as I recall it wasn't necessary.
The lens used is an old Nikkor 105mm micro lens, with an aperture ring on the barrel of the lens.  I tried to keep thing simple by either using F4 or F8.

The full set of 17 images is at this link:

Five of my favorites of this set are below:

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