I love pastries (food photography)

Food photography is something I know very little about.  I was upset this winter when we had a food photographer come to our local photo club to give a one-night workshop, and I was unable to attend.

Well, this morning at work a platter full of tasty pastry treats was brought to the office by one of my co-workers.  I happened to have an old Nikon macro lens in the car attached to the new Olympus E-M5. 

The lens performs nicely.  (I've really liked it on some recent flower pictures.)  Any problems with these images are completely user-error.  Probably too little depth of field (i.e. only a small plane is in focus), as I was trying to keep shutter speed up and aperture nearly open. 

And I got seduced by the macro capability and got too close.  I think if I had moved back and got more of the treats into the image, it would have been better.

Anyway, these are hand held shots with an 105mm (210mm-e) lens, ISO 3200, no flash, at 1/160 and 1/200th second shutter speeds.  There are no electronics to the lens so the aperture is unknown by the camera, and I have no recollection either.  Best guess: F4.

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