Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 11: Sydney (Louisbourg)

We spent two nights in Sydney.  This allowed us a full day at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site.  In fact, on day one, we spent the full day at the Fortress, taking a guided tour, exploring the main areas, and walking about the old ruins and reconstructed areas of this 300 year old fortification and town.

To learn more about this historical site, check out the wikipedia article here:

We were told that only about one-quarter of the town has been reconstructed, and that it has taken about 30 years to get this far. There are currently no plans to continue the reconstruction because there is already no way a tourist can see it all in one day. Sounds like the Canadian government did a cost/benefit analysis and decided to spend their scarce resources on other projects.

This site is the largest historical reconstruction in North America.

Favorite Takes

1) The Fortress of Louisbourg

Pano shot with iPhone

There was little in the way of self-guiding resources.  
Taking the guided tour was essential and time very well spent.

We were told the ocean is about 3 feet higher than it was
in the 1770's

Governor's Apartments and King's Bastion Barracks

2) Louisbourg Lighthouse

As part of the Louisbourg reconstruction, Louisbourg Lighthouse was completed in 1933 on the spot of Canada's first lighthouse and second lighthouse in North America.

3) Dinner at the Governor's Pub and Eatery, Sydney

A couple of cold ones... local beer

Lobster Roll with a Caesar Side Salad

Maple Curried seafood linguine with shrimp, scallops, mussels
roasted peppers, and broccoli