Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 9: Ingonish to Baddeck

Today's destination is the green pin, Baddeck

Except for the early morning, this was a rather dreary day.  I recall that our picnic lunch in Baddeck was on a picnic table at the waterfront with an umbrella I held up between us.

For me, the early morning (I set the alarm for 4:45 to get the sunrise) was the highlight of the day.  As it turned out, the sunrise wasn't all that great.  But what was worth the early getting-out-of-bed was watching the lobster boats plying the water right under my nose.  Our cabin was set back slightly on a bluff, and by standing near the edge I could look down on several lobster boats doing their early morning thing.

Favorite Takes

1) The view from our cabin at Seascape Coastal Retreat

This is the view (vista!) from the porch on our cabin.
Taken about 9:30a, as a final photo before our departure for Baddeck.

2) Ingonish Lobstering at 5:30a

One of many shots taken with a 300mm-equiv. telephone lens.
Taken about 5:30a

The Jason and Jefferson circling to drop off a freshly baited trap
to replace the trap just pulled up.  That trap is then re-baited
and dropped to replace the next one pulled up.
And so on and so forth.

3) Breakfast at the "Retreat"

I had French toast on thick slices of bread with maple syrup.
Nova Scotia is proud of their maple syrup.
I had no reason to argue.

Laurie had a ham, cheese and tomato omelet.

4) The Gaelic College in St. Ann's

The college was not in session.  But we perused the gift shop and
walked the campus. 

 Laurie's clan

5) The Village of Baddeck 

The Alexander Graham Bell Museum

This is what Bell's office looked like. Pretty spartan.

6) A local cookbook purchased at the Bell Buoy

A cookbook purchased while having dinner at the Bell Buoy Restaurant.
Their signature Crab Cakes are featured in the cookbook.