Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 12: Sydney to St. Peters

Today's destination is the green pin, St. Peters

On this day, we traveled the last bit of the Cape Breton shoreline, from Sydney down to St. Peter. The day was beautiful and the scenery was awesome.  The first part of the drive started in Glace Bay and was called the Marconi Trail and the final section was called the Fleur de Lis Trail.

You may recognize the name Marconi.  The trail is named for Guglielmo Marconi (Wikipedia article). In 1902 from a Marconi radio transmission station in Glace Bay the first radio message to be successfully transmitted across the Atlantic from North America was completed.

Favorite Takes

1) A few fishing villages along the Marconi and Fleur de Lis Trails

2) Bras d'Or Lakes Inn at St. Peters

A good bacon cheese burger is always enjoyed.

We loved the all wood interior.