Two Weeks in Nova Scotia - Page 6: Liscolm to Port Hood

Today's journey would take us from the eastern shore and "cross country" to Cape Hood on Cape Breton Island.  This was not much of a site-seeing day.  Our destination on Cape Hood was a bead and breakfast called:  Haus Treuburg.

Today's destination is the green pin, Port Hood

Below are some random images and comments from this day:

This is not a bargain price, as gas is sold in liters, not gallons.

I am intrigued by Canadian cereal boxes.  In Canada, products are in both French and English. Sometimes French is on one side and English is on the other.

Jars, too

This was perhaps the only example of gaudiness that we saw.

We found the information centers to be very helpful.  Just let them know your interests and they will have ideas for you.

This is a model of the famous fishing schooner
and Nova Scotia Icon, Bluenose,
which I mentioned earlier, on page 3.

Note the flat and sloping front glass of the cabins on the two boats in this picture.  This is a standard design of Nova Scotia lobster and other fishing boats.  This is very different than the design of the classic Maine lobster boat.

Brochure from our B & B.

Seafood chowder for dinner at the Red Shoe Pub in Mabou.

Sunset at the bed and breakfast.

Breakfast at the bed and breakfast to which was 
added scrambed eggs and bacon and several kinds of bread.