Two Weeks in Nova Scotia - Page 4: Lunenburg to Halifax

The day's destination is the green pin, Halifax

Favorite Takes

1) Northwest Cove

This small cove on the western side of St. Margaret's Bay was actually the day's highlight as far as we were concerned.  Perhaps that is because of our preference for "picturesque fishing villages", which we affectionately called PFVs!

Side comment: I'd like to point out that signage is terrible on Nova Scotia and many of the roads we chose to take to find PFQs (often 8 or 10 mile dead end dirt roads) were not on the map.  In many ways that made the travel more fun.  But more than once the signage would stop as soon as we approached a fork in the road. At that point it was "eeny meeny miny moe".

2) Peggy's Cove

Predominantly featured in all the guide books, is Peggy's Cove.  Don't get me wrong.  We visited it, and it was indeed very attractive, but it was also our first experience with tour buses, of which there were four or five parked side-by-side in an oversized paved parking lot.  During the entire remainder of the trip, we never encountered more than one bus at any spot.  On the other hand, we made sure we traveled roads and sought small venues where we didn't expect but a few other travelers.

I worked hard to keep the hordes of people and tour buses out of the images. My favorite is the final image.  The hazy sky cleared up for this image, giving a nice blue with puffy clouds.  My favorite kind of sky.