Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 8: Cheticamp to Ingonish

This was a long day for us.  The trip from Cheticamp (west side of the island), up and over the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, to Ingonish (east side of the island) is about 185 miles.  To that we added a 30 mile dirt road side route to Meat Cove, situated at the very northern tip of Cape Breton Island. The Meat Cove excursion turned out to be an awesome 3 1/2 hour detour, what with all our stops for viewing and photographs, and our picnic lunch at the end of the road. Most tourists would pass by Meat Cove because it is off the beaten path.  But we highly recommend it.

Today's destination is the green pin, Ingonish.

Favorite Takes

1) Meat Cove

These images are in chronological order as we drove to/from Meat Cove.

We weren't really sure where the "cove" is located.  The best we can determine is it is in the foreground, bottom right, in this image.  The area is protected by the bluff we are looking down from.  Meat Cove consists today of two restaurants, several houses, and a campground.  There is great hiking here, and we saw a bald eagle who disappeared (of course) just as I put a long lens on my camera.

Not a bad place for a picnic, I would say.

This is a typical dirt road.  As you can see it is well maintained.

Classic Nova Scotia lobster boat with inward sloping "wind shield".
I was told later by a Maine lobsterman that one reason for this
is to cut down on the glare off the water.

2) Main Street Restaurant and Bakery

 Laurie had the Seafood Linguini with lemon-pepper sauce.

Peter had Surf and Turf Caesar Salad.

Best blueberry pie I've ever had.

3) Seacoast Coastal Retreat

This was our little cabin.  We easily could have stayed there a few days.  There was even a gas fireplace, which we used to take the chill off in the evening and the next morning.

I'll have some nice pictures of the fabulous view in the post that follows this, as it seems I waited until the next morning to take a few scenic pictures.