Two Weeks in Nova Scotia: Page 13: St. Peters to Truro

We're glad that if any one day rained and poured cats and dogs, that it would be this day.  Our trip from St. Peters to Truro was really a transition day.  We drove inland and across Nova Scotia on mostly the TransCanada Highway to arrive in the city of Truro.

Today's destination is the green pin, Truro

Other than being buoyed for the day by a fabulous breakfast at the Bras d'Or Inn in St. Peter's, the only highlight of the day was an educational trip to the Hector Heritage Quay in Pictou.  Here we learned about the Hector, a small sailing ship that brought 189 souls from Scotland to start a new colony in Pictou in 1773.  The replica seen below was launched in 2000.

Favorite Takes

1) Breakfast at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn

It's been a long while since I have had crepes.

2) The replica of the "Hector"

View through the stern cabin door.

Along with a boarding ticket each family had one bunk and one bucket.
That's one bunk per family, not per person.
The journey took 10 weeks, longer than expected
due to storms.