Two Weeks in Nova Scotia - Page 2: Portland ME to Yarmouth NS

On the map below, the red pin marks Portland, ME.  This map gives a sense of Nova Scotia's location relative to Maine and New England. Note that Yarmouth, NS is almost exactly east of Portland, to the surprise of many.

The overnight ferry from Portsmouth, ME to Yarmouth, NS is a great way to start the trip.  Arriving in NS fresh and rested at 8:00am (NDT), and after an early breakfast in one of the ship's restaurants, we were ready to hit the road.  After a brief stop at Canadian customs, we were on our way along the south shore toward Lunenburg, our destination for the night.

 Old wharf pilings at the Portland, Maine waterfront.

Waiting for the boat.  Our silver van is in the front row.  Like getting on an airplane, we like to arrive early for our departure.  But bring food and water for the wait.

Inside the ferry there is plenty of room for tractor-trailer trucks and tour buses... though there was only one 18-wheeler and no buses on this trip.

This is our cabin.  Two more bunks can fold down above these two.  No, the port hole window does not open.  And yes, we had our own small bathroom with shower.

Looking back at Portland after departure.  About 9:15p.

View from our cabin window at sunrise.  EDT 3:45a. Time to move the clocks forward one hour to 4:45a. We would soon see land.

A little fishing enclave on the outskirts of Yarmouth harbor.

 Looking back from our van as we waited in line for the custom's check.

That's the Nova Star.  It departed at 10a for the return trip to Portland.