Two Weeks in Nova Scotia - Page 5: Halifax to Liscolm

Other than our final day marathon drive home from Saint John, New Brunswick, this was probably our longest drive.  The area from Halifax to Liscolm, and even further to Canso, is known as the eastern shore.  Before embarking on the drive the guidebooks say to fill up with gas, as services are limited.

Today's destination is the green pin, Liscolm Falls

Favorite Takes

1) Churches

There are a lot of very small churches here.  Most are Anglican.  I found it interesting that church cemeteries often surrounded the church building itself.

2) Clam Harbor Beach

 It was still earlier in the season but Nova Scotia beaches generally do not get crowded even in July and August.

3) Taylor Head Provincial Park Beach

This beach is a hidden gem.  It was not in the guide books and I don't recall any signs for it.  It's on the map, but there is no indication of a beach or park.  Hmmm ... Do the locals want to keep it to themselves?

In addition to Laurie and me, there were no more than six people and two dogs on this huge beach.  One was a local who told us that in the heat of the summer there might be as many as 100 people here.  He seemed to feel that was a lot.  I should invite him to Hampton Beach, NH.

4) Ecum Secum

Yes, that is a name for a town.  We were not too far from our destination of Liscolme Lodge in Liscolm Mills when we passed this fishing village.  

5) Liscolme Lodge

The view from our room.

 Chess Anyone?