Two Weeks in Nova Scotia - Page 3: Yarmouth to Lunenburg

The road trip from the ferry dock in Yarmouth to the city of Lunenburg was 180 miles.  This is  bit long for us because we like to stop and browse along the way, or better yet, get lost on side excursions.  But we had no problem checking into our hotel by a very reasonable 4pm.

The day's destination is the green pin, Lunenburg

Favorite Takes 

1) Shelburne

Our first favorite stop on this day was the historic district of Shelburne. The town was settled in 1783 by Loyalists leaving America after the Revolutionary War.  Though old, the town is small.  The current population is only 2,500.

Preservation of the historic district brought some money into the town in 1992 and 1995.  In the first instance, it became the setting for Fairfield, CT for the filming of Mary Silliman's War, a Revolutionary War movie. In the second instance it became the setting for the Scarlet Letter staring Demi Moore and Robert Duvall. I've not seen either move, but I plan to!

Below:  random images from the historic district.

2) Liverpool:

The Sherman Hines Photographic Museum is located in Liverpool.  Sadly, we were in town on Sunday... the only day of the week the museum is closed. Among other things, Hines is known for his interest in outhouses. You may have seen one of his annual outhouse calendars.

We did stop at a bookstore called Lane's Privateering Inn Bookshop and Gift Store, located inside an old inn and restaurant.  Here, Laurie bought her first of two Nova Scotia cookbooks, Maritime Fresh.

[Now, just a few weeks later, we've had the "Maple-Glazed Carrots", and the "Chicken with Mushroom Wine Sauce". Yummers.]

3) Lunenburg:

Most of these images were taken in Lunenburg's Old Town, a designated historic district. The famous schooner Bluenose, a Nova Scotia icon, was built here in 1921.  It is now the home of the Bluenose II, a replica built in 1963.

The Lunenburg Arms where we stayed.

The view from our room.

To the left, in the distance is the Bluenose II.