Photo club pictures for October

I've submitted the following three images to my photo club for the October salon (i.e. contest/competition). 

The special category this month is "street scenes/people", and I have submitted two images for this category.  I am not much of a street shooter so I don't really know what "street scenes/people" means.  These two images certainly don't look like "street people" the way I usually think of the phrase.  But they are certainly "people on the street".  Hopefully the judge will find they fit the category.

Both were taken one morning on the streets of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Full EXIF information can be obtained from the larger images posted on my Web site here:

Young Photographers

Reading the Newspaper

I really like this flower image, and I submitted it for the "open" category.  Because this is a cultivated flower, it is my understanding that this does not fit the requirements for a "nature" category image.

I think orange (or red, depending on how your monitor is calibrated) and green make a very nice combination of colors.  I like the blurred background which keeps it from being distracting.  And I think I captured a good exposure on the bee, as I can even see a bit of orange/red being reflected off the underside of the body.

Bee on Flower


Captured this afternoon

After working indoors most of the morning, I decided after lunch it would be a good time to work out in the yard.  At this time of year it is best to avoid mosquitos (the pests seem to be carrying more diseases these days), and mid-day is usually a time when the mosquitos are sleeping (I made that up) somewhere in the woods. 

I sat down on the front steps to tie on my sneaks and looked up to see a gloriously rich blue sky and interesting streaks of clouds.  Of course, I had to see if I could capture anywhere near the correct color with my camera.  I grabbed the Olympus with 14-54 lens and took several exposures of this scene.  This one was the best IMO.


Southern Maine Coast

Laurie and I were up in Maine yesterday to visit family.  The weather was wonderful.  The air was dry and the temperature was about 70F.  After our morning visit we decided to take a little excursion, driving the coastal route from Kittery Point to Ogunquit.

These are all mid-day photos.  Usually that is supposed to be a "bad" thing because the light is harsh and the shadows deep.  But I love the colors I was able to get.

The lighthouse seen in two of the shots is Nubble Light.  It is also called Cape Neddick Light.

The camera/lens combination was the Olympus E-M5 and 14-54II zoom lens.  These four images were cropped to a 2:1 aspect ration while processing the RAW images in Lightroom 4.