A Few Arboretum Flowers from July

In July I took two quick trips to a local arboretum for flower photography.  All of these are a result of focus stacking of up to 24 images.

Some of them are a bit blurry in a couple of places.  In particular the first pink flower could have used one or two images closer to the camera, as the nearest petal is out of focus.

Here are the best of the bunch.

Unfortunately closes petal is out of focus.
(Though on Instagram I suspect it is not noticeable.)

"The Loner" 

Soon to be Raspberries (?)


Colorado Road Trip | The Java Moose in Fairplay, Colorado - Last of the Trip Photos

Looking back now on the drive through Fairplay on our way to the Denver Airport, I find that these are the last photos taken during the trip.  Driving here from Beuna Vista we seemed to be driving across "high plains" all the way.  Fairplay seemed to have nothing to stop for, but when I spotted the Java Moose Coffee House at just the right time (10:30 a.m.), it just called out for us to stop.

Other than a good cup of hot black coffee (and iced coffee for Laurie), which we enjoyed outside in the sunshine, the most fun was meeting a young man and his dog on their way to meet friends Breckinridge.  Actually I hadn't studied the map long enough to realize we were only 25 miles from Breckinridge, one of Colorado's premier ski mountains.  Eric is a Physical Therapist outside of Denver, and we very much enjoyed a 30 minute or so conversation about all kinds of things.