Which image would you pick?

This coming month's theme in my photo club is "country/rural setting".  I don't have much, especially since I am trying to find something since April.  For some reason, I feel there must be a human or man-made element in the image.  Maybe that's the wrong interpretation, but that's what I am going with.  Which one of these works the best?  (Of course, that's not to say that any will win any prizes, but I do like to participate in these "theme" contests.)

Shoot me an email or add a comment below if you can help me choose the best one.  These are 650 pixel wide images.  If you click on them you can see a larger, 1500 x 1000 pixel version.

House by the Water

Flyfisherman on a Trout Stream

Cabin near an Estuary

RV in the Rockies


First good sunrise in Maine

It wasn't until our second morning in Maine that we had a nice sunrise.  It wasn't your classic red sky.  But since it had been raining all day and night, I was shocked to see the clouds start to blow over revealing blue sky.

I got a late start to the beach.  I like to get there about 30 minutes before sunrise (sunrise is about 6:30) and to stay for another 30 minutes after the sunrise.  That to me is a very magic hour.  I love watching the colors develop.

This image was taken about 7 a.m.  But with that bank of clouds, the sun really wasn't visible until a few minutes after this shot was taken.  But I did like watching the suns rays melt right through the clouds in the middle of the picture.  And the clouds above were picking up some of the golden light.



The Thomaston Cafe, Thomaston, Maine

Here are a few pictures of the Thomaston Cafe, which I took when we stopped for lunch last month on our way further up the coast of Maine for a vacation.  The Thomaston Cafe is a nice stopping point about half way into our 6 hour journey to Cape Rosier.  We had sandwiches made on their own homemade wheat bread, and I had a piece of apple pie. Try their crab quiche.  Yummy.  Or, an other item from their long list of daily specials.