Two Weeks in Washington State

just completed my blogging of the two week rented motor home trip Laurie and I took in Washington state in June. It was awesome. As an easterner I am always awed by west coast landscapes. I've included text, 3-10 photos per day, and a map showing our daily destinations. If a trip to Washington is in the cards for you, the maps and destinations may be of interest to you. 

As far as gear, I kept it simple: the Fujifilm X100T with its fixed 35 mm(equiv) lens and the Olympus EM-1 with Panasonic 14-140.  Wherever possible I used the Fuji as I much prefer its colors when set for Astria film simulation. Nevertheless, I was surprised that 70% of my images were with the Fuji. I guess I like that focal length and perspective.

We flew in and out of Spokane, where we picked up the CruiseAmerica 25 foot Class C motor home. We traveled basically in a counterclockwise oval, passing through the Northern Cascades to the town of Burlington just north of Seattle, then Whidbey Island and a ferry to Port Townscend on the Olympic Peninsula.  I took some of my favorite images on the Peninsula. 

Highlights of the trip were Hurricane Ridge and the rainforest in Olympic National Park, Rialto Beech, South Beech, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and finally the desert-like landscape of central Washington. 

No, we did not stop in Seattle. Not with a 25 foot RV.  Plus we were here to see landscapes and to camp. (Perhaps I should put "camp" in quotes, as there are many who would not agree that RV-ing is indeed camping.)  We'll have to pick up Seattle on another trip. 

Overall, the RV experience was fun. The pluses outweighed the negatives. Perhaps the pros and cons will be a subject of a follow-up post. But the bottom line is that we'd do it again. In a heartbeat. 

I hope you will be interested in taking a look: