challengeofnaturephotography Part II: A week of posting images of "larger" animals

Not all of these would be thought of as large animals.  The two ducks in particular.  But during this past (and second) week of posting nature images on Instagram and Facebook, I chose to pick animals that were "larger" than the prior week when I self-imposed a restriction to post only closeups and macros.

Bottoms Up.  Two mallards feeding in the pond right behind my office.

One of three grizzly bear "cubs" hanging around with its mother.
Near Banff, Alberta Canada

Elk cow cleaning calf. Photo taken on the outskirts of Jasper, Alberta Canada

Bald Eagle portrait

Mule Deer. (Ears as big as a mule.)
Photo taken at dusk inside Mesa Verde National Park

Buffalo and calf.  Jackson, Wyoming.