Flora and Fauna group of galleries added

I have just added a Flora and Fauna group to my "all galleries" page, and have included two galleries within the group: Dragonflies and Butterflies. 

A couple of my favorites are below at the maximum blog size of 650 pixels wide and/or long.  The images will be somewhat larger in the galleries.

The dragonfly was taken with an Olympus E520 dSLR and 40-150mm Olympus zoom lens equipped with a Canon 500D closeup lens screwed into the filter threads.

The butterfly was taken with an Olympus E520 dSLR and 70-300mm zoom lens with a built-in macro feature.


Anonymous said...

Peter, you take beautiful pictures! I especially like the butterflies and flowers. You should try to take a snowy sunset.

Peter F. said...

But it's cold in the winter! Just kidding... I should give it a try. I have been thinking about going up the coast of Maine this winter, after it snows. Maybe a sunrise rather than a sunset. Thanks for looking at my pictures!