Canadian Rockies: Day 1 of 14: Flying

Today's Itinerary: Fly to Spokane, Washington and pick up the car.

The circled "1" on the map indicates our location on night #1.
I will use this format throughout.

Our US Airways flight was from Boston to Spokane, Washington via Phoenix.  Other than almost missing getting on the plane at Logan while we sipped Starbuck's coffee and people-watched, the trip was uneventful.

When we pick up our car for these kind of car-traveling vacations, one of the first things we do is get a cooler full of ice and buy soda, water, fruit and cold cuts.  Plus non-refrigerator items like bread, nuts and crackers.  Our preference is always for an SUV.  In this case it was a Honda CRV.

We had dinner at a small northwest chain, McKenzie River Pizza Company.  Here is a list of its locations.  Below is a well-deserved "cold one".

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Edswannabee said...

What fun!!! I feel like I'm traveling WITH you two! Can't wait to see what we do tomorrow! :0)