Which image would you pick?

This coming month's theme in my photo club is "country/rural setting".  I don't have much, especially since I am trying to find something since April.  For some reason, I feel there must be a human or man-made element in the image.  Maybe that's the wrong interpretation, but that's what I am going with.  Which one of these works the best?  (Of course, that's not to say that any will win any prizes, but I do like to participate in these "theme" contests.)

Shoot me an email or add a comment below if you can help me choose the best one.  These are 650 pixel wide images.  If you click on them you can see a larger, 1500 x 1000 pixel version.

House by the Water

Flyfisherman on a Trout Stream

Cabin near an Estuary

RV in the Rockies


Anonymous said...

House by the Water!

Robin Wong said...

Hey Peter,
All those are wonderful images, very strongly composed, and gosh the color is just amazing. I just could not get these kind of photography subjects/opportunities in Malaysia.

If I were to choose which to submit for the "theme", I would go for the last image. The moving vehicle symbolizes dynamic motion, against a very still, serene and peaceful background (those blue mountains with icy toppings... beautiful!!).

Peter F. said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your vote. That puts #1 and #3 tied with 5 votes each. (I'm more partial to #3 because I like the mood.)

Peter F.

Peter F. said...

Robin, Thanks for that input. That was actually my favorite when I first posted, but somehow I got disuaded as the votes came in by email, where I have 5 votes for each of #1 and #3. I should listen more to my own voice! After all, there is no right or wrong answer. I have two votes for the flyfisherman on the trout stream, and other than you and me, there were no other votes for #4. I love the perspective given to the Recreational Vehicle through the 28mm-e lens with a 4:3 aspect sensor. BTW, all three were taken with E-M5 and 14-54II... my current "work horse" for landscapes and travel.

Lisa said...

Peter you take beautiful pictures. I wish I was as talented as you at photography.