Now That's a Burger!

I am spending a relaxing Sunday morning going through images from this past year, making decisions along the way as to what to keep and what to delete. I also want to be sure I have "keyworded" most images before moving all to their permanent folder on my hard drive.
[Via Lightroom: All images incoming from my cameras to my computer in 2014 first go into a temporary "2014 Import" folder inside of "My Pictures". When I am done with my review and have given each image at least a few month to ferment a bit, I then move them to the permanent "2014" folder.  For what it's worth, inside both the temporary "2014 Import" and permanent "2014" folders I have sub-folders listed by the month and sometimes by the month and activity.]
Probably because I had only a small breakfast this morning, when I came to the image shown below, taken last winter, I became quite hungry!  It doesn't get much better than a "bacon and blue cheese burger" consumed in a pub sitting across from your daughter the night before an awesome day of skiing together.

Unfortunately the pint of Guinness photo was too blurry to show here.

"Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger"
Taken with a Sony NEX 5R with kit 16-50mm lens at 37mm, 1/6th sec, F5.6.
ISO 3200. Ambient light only.
Yes, the background is a bit distracting, so I cropped square and tight
to make the best of it. :-)

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