Tower Hill Botanic Garden for flowers

In my last post I featured some macro images that I took while walking around Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA.  I realized afterward that there were a number of images of the facility on my cell phone, which I hadn't looked at.  The iPhone 5S can be a really awesome camera with its 30mm equivalent lens, so long as there is plenty of light.  And, its fun to use.

It will be obvious that several of these were taken with the Panorama feature where you merely scan from left to right as if you were taking a video.  The camera automatically stitches and snaps everything together into one panorama.

I have no pictures of the inside of the facility.  I stayed outside.  I'll have to grab some inside shots during one of my winter visits.

If you are interested in Tower Hill, you may wish to view larger sizes of these pictures on my Web site, here:

All images with iPhone 5S


Anonymous said...

Those photos are mazing with the iphone. You still have lots of colour AND flowers down there. We have nothing left but a few stuborn leaves hanging on.

Peter F. said...

I have to admit it.... These were taken a couple of weeks prior to the posting...I might visit Tower Hill again tomorrow after the predicted dusting of snow tonight. The snow might make things interesting..