Colorado Road Trip 2019 | 15 Snapshots from Steamboat Springs

Alpine Rose Bed and Breakfast

The Alpine Rose B&B was a fine bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town.  Of course the town isn't very big, so this meant just a few blocks away from restaurants and shops, yet it was peaceful and quiet.


Random Images from downtown

Bicycles are everywhere, with
substantial bike paths and trails in the mountains.

Inside F.M. Light Outfitters

Downtown.  The ski resort is visible in the background.

Old fashioned soda fountain at
Lyon's Corner Drug Store.

Beers and dinner at Mountain Tap Brewery

The Yampa River runs along the edge of the town
with pedestrian bridges to get to the other side
and mirrored by a paved bike path.
In Steamboat, the outdoors is a playground.

The old and new ski jumps. The third photo shows the first known "official" ski jump in America.
It is the one furthest up the hill. It was built in 1915.
It is no longer used, but the two on the right are used for modern ski jump training and competition.
The larger of the two modern jumps is one of seven remaining approved for compositon
jumps in America.
Bud Werner Memorial Library
Skiers may know about the tragic death of local legend and olympian Buddy Werner
who died in Europe in an avalanche in 1964.

Off The Beaten Path Bookstore

Inside Off The Beaten Path Bookstore.

Inside Off The Beaten Path Bookstore.
Where have you ever seen a bookstore with a bakery
and also a happy hour?

Inside Off The Beaten Path Bookstore.

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