Colorado Road Trip 2019 | Driving around county roads in Tabernash

Below are a few images taken while doing a bit of exploring on the dirt and gravel county roads around Tabernash and Fraser.  We decided we'd spend a morning getting lost. One road just got narrower and narrower and I was afraid I might not be able to turn around.  Fortunately I found a spot before I ran out of room.  Thankfully there was no one coming the other way.

Because we never knew where we'd be at lunch time, we kept a pretty full cooler.  Typically we picked up a nice fresh sandwich at Safeway or City Market.  They make great sandwiches (and its pretty hard to pass up Safeway's 2-for-$1 pastries and bagels.

You will see some snow covered ski trails at Winter Park, even though these images were taken in June.  Colorado had a record May snowfall.  Also, Winter Park's base is about 8,500' above sea level, which means it can pick up some late season snow.

Aspens in some nice light

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