Colorado Road Trip 2019 | Quincy's Restaurant - Buena Vista Colorado location

South of Leadville is Buena Vista, where we spent one night at the Best Western Hotel on our way to Denver (and home via Southwestern Airlines).  We chose this hotel in this town because 12 years ago when we were last in Colorado this is where we stayed on night #1, after flying into Denver.

Now twelve years later, we also wanted to dine again at Quincy's!

Twelve years ago we had dinner at Quincy's in Buena Vista.  Later in that trip we also hit Quincy's in Leadville.  We well-remember that night in Leadville eating Filet Mignon at Quincy's because it was the first week of October (2007) and it snowed that night.

The remarkable thing about Quincy's is that there are only two things on the menu.  And actually only one choice is available on any given night.  Sunday through Thursday the only available choice is Filet Mignon (but with four options for meat portion size) and Friday and Saturday the only available choice is Prime Rib (also with four options for portion size)

Here's the easy menu:

Lettuce wedge for a simple salad

We are not serious carnivores.  So we both went with the 6 oz.
Filet Mignon.  That's not fatty meat; what you see around the 
perimeter of the filet are wrappings of bacon.

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